Statement on Research Integrity

General declaration of MyPal participants

With this Declaration, all MyPal beneficiaries wish to declare our commitment to conduct excellent research according to fundamental principles of research integrity, extending to all activities that will be conducted within the framework of the project (e.g. meetings, products, studies, sharing and disseminating of data).

More specifically we will comply with the following principles as described in the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity by ALLEA (Revised Edition of 2017):

  • Reliability in ensuring the quality of research, reflected in the design, the methodology, the analysis and the use of resources.
  • Honesty in developing, undertaking, reviewing, reporting and communicating research in a transparent, fair, full and unbiased way. Participants will disclose all individual and institutional relationships with stakeholders that could jeopardize the integrity of scientific research carried out.
  • Respect for colleagues, research subjects, society, cultural context as well as national and European legislation to ensure that subjects of studies are treated as humanely as possible. We will ensure confidentiality for subjects of the study, and adhere to appropriate procedures for informed consent within the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Accountability for the research from idea to publication, for its management and organisation, for training, supervision and mentoring, and for its wider impacts. The Plenary Board will oversee for the research integrity of the working groups within the consortium. Participants are accountable for their own contribution as well as the collective work conducted with other participants.