Project Deliverables

Del. №

Deliverable name

Delivery date

D1.1 MyPal ethics M4
D1.2 State-of-the-art on PRO systems for palliative cancer care M6
D1.3 Recommendations and best practices for integrating advanced PRO systems in palliative cancer care M42
D2.1 MyPal palliative care context and user needs M6
D2.2 MyPal clinical study protocol definition M10
D2.3 MyPal ePRO personalisation and user engagement framework M12
D2.4 MyPal user requirements elicitation M15
D3.1 MyPal conceptual & reference architecture M9
D3.2 User interaction methods for adult’s ePRO tool M15
D3.4 Report on testing and adaptation of the ePRO platform M15
D4.1 MyPal ePRO tool design M9
D5.1 Initial set of tools for intervention design and advanced reporting of outcome M12
D5.2 Integration plan for the patient reported outcome tools with the MyPal platform M15
D6.1 Clinical studies implementation plan M15
D6.2 Evaluation and impact assessment framework M15
D6.3 MyPal-ADULT First study subject approvals package M16
D6.4 MyPal-CHILD First study subject approvals package M16
D6.5 MyPal-ADULT Midterm recruitment report M26
D6.6 MyPal-CHILD Midterm recruitment report M26
D6.7 MyPal-ADULT Report on status of posting results M36
D6.8 MyPal-CHILD Report on status of posting results M36
D6.9 MyPal impact assessment outcomes M42
D7.1 Project Website M3
D7.3 eBook M40
D7.4 End of project expert policy and practice Workshop M40
D8.1 Quality management plan M3
D8.2 Data management plan M6

In this page, the deliverables of the project will be posted as soon as they are accepted by the European Commission.