Several articles, co-authored by colleagues of the MyPal Project, are now in print or are currently accepted in press and awaiting publication:

  • Karamanidou C, Natsiavas P, Koumakis L, Mamis K, Schera F, Schafer M, Payne S, Maramis C. (2020) Electronic patient-reported outcome-based interventions for palliative cancer care: A systematic and mapping review. JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics 4: doi: 10.1200/CCI.20.00015.
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  • Meyerheim M, Karamanidou C, Payne S, Garani-Papadatos T, Sander A, Downing J, Stamatopoulos K, Ling J, Payne C, Scarfò L, Lokaj P, Maramis C, Graf N. (2021) The MyPal-Child study protocol: an observational prospective clinical feasibility study of the MyPal ePRO based early palliative care digital system in paediatric oncology patients BMJOpen (accepted in press)

  •  Payne S, Collingridge Moore D, Stamatopoulos K (2020) MyPal: designing and evaluating digital patient reported outcome systems for cancer palliative care in Europe. Journal of Palliative Medicine (accepted in press)