The European MyPal study:
Developing digital health for adults and children with cancer

Title cover of the MyPal eBook

This eBook presents the technical, ethical and practical insights, as well as preliminary outcomes, from the MyPal study.



  • Foreword (Christoph Ostgathe)
  • Executive summary (Sheila Payne, Dunja Begović, Yakubu Salifu)
  • A tribute to an exceptional individual – Vassilis Koutkias (Christina Karamanidou, Pantelis Natsiavas, Kostas Stamatopoulos)
  • Introduction: Background to the MyPal project and rationale for the use of ePROs in digital health (Pantelis Natsiavas, Christina Karamanidou)
  • Chapter 1: Summary of the literature (Christina Karamanidou, Pantelis Natsiavas)
  • Chapter 2: The ethical approach of the MyPal digital health intervention (Tina Garani-Papadatos, Dunja Begović)
  • Chapter 3: The MyPal-Adult system: Design and development of technical aspects (Fatima Schera, Lefteris Koumakis)
  • Chapter 4: The MyPal-Child serious game app for children with cancer: Design and development (Robert Schraut, Malin Sweers, Stefan Hoffman, Wiebke Scholz, Thomas Kröll)
  • Chapter 5: The MyPal-Adult study: Design and preliminary outcomes (Lydia Scarfò, Paolo Ghia)
  • Chapter 6: The MyPal-Child study: Design and preliminary outcomes (Marcel Meyerheim, Anna Burns-Gebhart, Annette Sander, Norbert Graf)
  • Chapter 7: Patient reported outcomes and their role in palliative care for patients with cancer: Conclusions from the MyPal project (Christina Karamanidou, Pantelis Natsiavas, Kostas Stamatopoulos)
  • Acknowledgments
  • Appendix 1: Glossary of abbreviations
  • Appendix 2: MyPal project – list of publications

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